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You've never truly experienced the world until you have seen it through the eyes of a white, privileged male. Part saucy banter, part whiskey buzzed self-degradation, this lovable boychild touches on topics ranging from the creation of the world to goat sex. He's witty. He's charming. We swear he's of legal age. Elliott Morgan is Premature.


My name is Elliott Morgan, and I did a stand-up comedy special. Then, I made a website for my stand-up comedy special. This is that. This is where you are now. Thank you for reading this. If you’re not familiar with me, let me explain.

I’ve been described as the Internet’s big brother. Isn’t that sweet? I’m assuming the term “big brother” is meant in a sweet way, and not in the way that implies that the government is reading my every keystroke and spying on my every phone call. I hope I’m not that kind of big brother. I don’t think I am. On a side note, why did you search for “dingleberry pie” yesterday?

Anyway, I am a YouTuber, host, and comedian. For the past several years, I’ve spent my days making YouTube videos for channels like SourceFed, Mashable, Mental_Floss, and Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. At night, I would drive to a gross dive bar with a couple friends and perform stand-up comedy, honing jokes until they were bits, honing bits until they were an act.

Now, it’s time to unveil the act. My one-hour comedy special features jokes about the Internet, feminism, religion, and most importantly, Space Camp. It is, dare I say, the most accurate representation of who I am yet. Yes, even more accurate than that Elliott C. Morgan guy over on The Study, and more accurate than whoever that vlogger is over at

So, I hope you enjoy Premature. I hope it tickles you in your funny spot, and I hope it brings warmth and mirth to you during these cold, desolate winter months. Also, keep an eye on this website for touring updates. Maybe we could meet? I’d love to meet you. You seem cool based on your browsing history.